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there's nothing nicer in the world than making something that's uniquely yours. the following recipes are rough outlines of various dishes i enjoy, not step by step instructions. i don't give out precise measurements or things like specific spices for my dishes, because i think you should come up with those yourself, in a way which fits your palette the best. make the recipes uniquely yours, pour your soul into them, not mine. experiment, substitute, change and combine to your heart's content. remember,

cooks follow, chefs create


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recipe added
banana and bacon sandwich 28/05/21
comfy rice pudding 21/11/21
easy banana cookies/pancakes 09/06/21
french onion soup 22/01/22
heatblasted chilli 19/02/22
melancholy grilled cheese :) 09/06/21
oats everything 26/05/21
oven baked chicken with veggies 17/10/21
pizza dough 19/12/21

note: i use dinner and lunch interchangeably as i only have two main meals a day. dinner just sounds better (and aligns more with my second meal of the day). this is why there isnt a lunch tag