melancholy grilled cheese

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intro and ingredients

you will never be the same again.

use any cheese that melts well enough, but my favorite setup is fairly specific. i use 2 slices of cheese that literally bites back (kidding, its not that spicy (but it does have a kick i guess (:)))), then some extra shredded cheese, ideally mozzarella

wtf do they mean is this a callout


take the ramen brick(s) out, heat water up and boil them. as if you havent done this billions of times before. don't add any of the powder/sauce yet tho.
spread a little butter on the bread and put it in the oven (forgot to mention you need to heat the oven up first oops). while the breads crunchying a bit, drain almost all the water out of the unbricked noodles, add the powder/sauce and give it a solid mix. meanwhile add some cheese on the bread in the oven and let it melt a very little bit while you mix some more.

final part, you still with me. this is where the rubber meets the glue, where the feet touch the sand where the apples fall. take the bread slices out the oven, grab a fistful (don't just use a fork or tongs) of ramen and drop it on a slice. cover up the sandwich, give it a solid squeeze and back in the oven for however long you like. i usually let mine go til theres cheese dripping on the sides.

wrap up

like i keep saying just do your own thing. the way i do mine is, after buttering i leave the slices in the oven a bit, then take out right before i drain the noodles, add one slice of spicy cheese on each slice of bread then put back in the oven for a bit. it should still be solid in the middle but gooey on the sides when i take it out, add some shreeded mozzarella, then back in. leave it a bit and only THEN do i take it out again to add the ramen. god i say then a lot in these posts.

"but why's it called melancholic?", you, the confused reader, ask, unable to keep your tormenting, wonder at bay,,, no more.
the playlist demanded it

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