oven baked chicken with vegetables

tray with chickn n veg

this takes quite a while to cook. works with any chicken cut



you should marinade your chicken in spices a day or two in advance. take the chicken out, prepare a tray for everything and preheat your oven. i go for around 200 degrees

cut your veggies in fairly big chunks. add a little water to the tray (about a finger's thickness deep, just enough to completely cover the bottom of your tray). put your chicken and veggies in the tray and put it in the oven

let it bake for around an hour, maybe more. every 20 minutes or so take it out to flip the chicken. tilt the tray on its sides to get the veggies properly submerged in the juice, better yet, take some from the bottom with a spoon and pour it over the chicken

if you have any, shred cheese and put it over the food about 20 minutes before taking it out the oven

wrap up

really simple but such a filling meal. make sure the chicken is properly cooked by sticking a knife in it and checking its color inside. once again, any cut works but my favorite is thigh

yeah the pic looks kinda ass but trust me it was good