banana PANKIES

[ intro ] / [ pancakes ] / [ cookies ] / [ wrap up ]

intro and ingredients

god id write anything to just not write the helio afterword/goodbye letter. bear with me

dual breakfast sweets tonite lets goooo

no im not writing 2 dif paragraphs for each what are you insane

2-in-1 deal youve got yourself here dont you
we start the same for both, mush the two bananas into a bowl. acquire (god it took me so long to spell that) a smooth banana mush paste cream.


the timeline branches

worlds apart

youll look yourself in the eyes and be unrecognisable.

oceans of futures,, hidden away in total eclipse

one, a metal womb of warmth, made to keep your grief

the other, sands of glass confined in snow (i mean the stove ik this one isnt that obvious)

what will

the path of cookies asks for oats. drop them in the bowl and mix well. grab some and make little balls out of it. squish them a little into shape and shove them in the warm oven. take them out when they look done.

you choose

the path of pancakes asks for eggs. break them in the bowl and mix well. grab a pan and put it on the burning stove. with a spoon or ladle, drop little puddles. maybe add some oil so they wont stick and let them cook, flip when needed.

wrap up

idk im sure u got it. obviously mess wiht some cinnamon or somethin. i have a letter to write