banana PANKIES

dual breakfast sweets. also a good way to not waste those old bananas youve been avoiding ()

2-in-1 deal youve got yourself here dont you



we start the same for both, mush the two bananas into a bowl until you get a smooth paste.

> cookie branch

drop the oats over the banana paste and mix well. when you think youre done no youre not keep mixing

grab some composition and make little balls out of it. squish them a little into shape and shove them in the warm oven.

take them out when they look done.

> pancake branch

break the eggs over the paste and mix well.

grab a pan and put it on the burning stove. with a spoon or ladle, drop little puddles. maybe add some oil so they wont stick and let them cook. flip when needed.

wrap up

idk im sure u got it. obviously mess wiht some cinnamon or something. personally im not the biggest fan of the pancakes, but ive seen recipes online use a big of baking powder so you can try that too, and maybe a bit of flour, but then we'd stray too far from what these are supposed to be