french onion soup

one of the first proper meals ive cooked for myself when i first moved out

for the cheese sandwiches, gruyere or gouda works the best. parmesan is also great grated on top of the soup



slice your onions. heat up some oil in a pan and cook the onions at medium heat. after about 20 minutes, raise the heat to high and add some more oil and the butter. cook until they start browning, add salt and sprinkle sugar (about a teaspoon). caramelize until well brown.

add the minced garlic and the wine and cook for another minute. then add the stock and your seasonings and bring it all to simmer. cover the pot and lower the heat to maintain the simmer

if you're making any, brush the bread slices with some olive oil and put your cheese of choice on top of them and in the oven. keep them at low heat while the soup is simmering

wrap up

serve hot with a slice of cheese toast on top of the soup