The Elder Scrolls

The Official Cookbook

yeah there really is an official elder scrolls cookbook. written by chelsea monroe-cassel (who also wrote the world of warcraft cookbook, overwatch cookbook and a few others), the book holds a bunch of cool recipes based on the lore of tes. sure, its all mostly skyrim related, unsurprisingly, but its still neat. the art and photos of the food are really well made, and theres interesting flavor text talking about the origins of recipes and such all over, which i really enjoy


theres a total of 76 recipes in this cookbook, of which ive made 9

[░▒▓▓██--------------------------------------------] : 12%


Nord Spices 31/12/21
Stormcloak Seasoning 29/01/22
Custard Sauce 31/12/21
Rye Pie Dough 29/01/22

sides, starters & snacks

Grilled Leeks 28/01/23

main courses

Chicken Dumplings 29/01/22
Goatherd's Pie 17/01/22


Honey Pudding 29/01/23
Apple Cobbler 01/01/22

note: the date is the date ive made the recipes on not the date i wrote about them