Rye Pie Dough

i didnt take a picture of this one but honestly there isnt even anything to take a picture of like have u never seen dough before

its dough

its one cup all purpose flour, one cup rye flour, some stormcloak seasoning and a lot (90ish grams) of butter

it didnt even have flavor text on top :( its two dough recipes on one page

i wish there was lore to dough

youre supposed to mix every powder in then rub the butter in until it becomes crumbly. ive never made dough with butter before but it was very nice and pleasing to mix. it feels really nice and soft, way nicer than the usual dough. when its all crumbly slowly start adding cold water to bring it all together, then refrigerate for around 30 mins

pro tip the media doesnt want you to know about: take it out a few (20ish) minutes before youre planning to use it. being mostly butter it really hardens up in the fridge and its very hard to handle

it does come out amazing dthough, really soft and tender, yet still flavorful and savory with a neat texture from the rye flour