Apple Cobbler

and finally, the last piece of the original trilogy is written

to be perfectly honest with you, this was really easy to do and no real problems along the way. i dont have anything on my mind either so its gonna be a really short one


i got starkrimson apples for this one. the recipe says to use honeycrisp apples but the recipes also mention cyanide almond essence which, as we learned previously its a little hazardous. i couldnt find much on starkrimson apples but instead i found that starkrimson pears exist and theyre a cool insense red color kinda like apples. i guess fruit are really just kinda boring

anyway, its those apples sliced and mixed with almost a cup of brown sugar, some cornstarch and some of the nord spices we made earlier. just mix em up and spread them in a tray


the batter, or the topping as the book calls it, is the more interesting part of the recipe. its flour, oats, one tablespoon baking powder (which supposedly is a lot), sugar and salt, all mixed with butter until it becomes a crumbly sorta dough. then one cup of buttermilk until it all binds together

all of that just thrown randomly onto the apples, a little like a tray of cookies, but gooey "dough" (its batter) and with apples underneath. the tray then goes into the oven for about 40 minutes and its done. the dollops of batter melt nicely over the apples and youve got one sick apple cobbler at the end

the cobbler itself was really good. i had it with a little custard sauce and some ice cream. the batter ended up a little salty contrasting the sweet apples, and the cobbler's warmth combined with the cold ice cream just goes so well. overall a really good recipe, id make it again, though not the custard, that wasnt that great and you could easily do without

just one thing to note, baking sheet really isnt necessary, and quite the opposite it ends up being a bit of a nuisance. the brown sugar on the apples melts into basically apple flavored caramel sauce. its insane but its also really moist, and soaks the baking sheet so when youre trying to cut slices, the baking sheet gets cut with it and stuck under the slice. not that hard to get it out but you can miss little pieces that break loose