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archives: 2021

< 20/01/22 | 21:47 >

various responses ive enjoyed about my recent todd howard business

< 18/01/22 | 23:41 >

< 06/01/22 | 15:17 >

the amount of talk about wizards i do on this website is basically nonexistent. might have to do something about that soon

< 02/01/22 | 16:21 >

currently losing myself in the beautiy of the html ridge border

once again came up with a new (pretty cool) homepage

pretty cool to see the little changes. currently i think this website is the longest running personal website ive had. sure, the whole community surrounding neocities is great, but its not cos of that i think. most of the others just felt really forced. its nice to go back and edit old bits, make random misc changes, see old ways i did stuff in that i find really stupid now. this whole website is fairly important to me and its neat to see it grow little by little, , instead of forcing everything at once

on another note i got back into morrowind after a few months break due to having other shit to do. glad about that

happy new year. only 2422 yrs left til 4444

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