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< 20/01/23 | 22:22 >

i just watched moonrise kingdom and i really liked it. i felt the same watching it as i felt reading the books i was reading when i was 13

< 20/01/23 | 12:03 >

listening to: lana del rey - last girl on earth, chelsea hotel no 2

hey what's up guys it's scarce here

i decided to take the day off. i'm very slow today. i made some breakfast, played some yugioh (which is something i do now lol) then did my laundry and vacuumed. i was looking through old files on my laptop and i found an archive of my old facebook account, now deleted sadly. most of the morning i spent reading through old chat logs between me and this girl brie who my closest friend at the time. they're particularly, uhm, soothing? in a way? that's a bad word for this but you get it

and something i drew

i've been drawing more than usual (and considering that the usual in the last 6 months was nearly none,) and i'm really having my fun with it. nothing beats listening to music mixes on youtube while drawing i've found, truly one of life's finest pleasures. i think i'm gonna take a short walk to get some air then draw some more, and then later me and tom are probably gonna play monkey island again. i've been making him play the games recently, and by that i mean he plays and i watch him, and sometimes give a hint if he's been struggling with a puzzle long enough. we finished the first one sometime before chsitmas and now we're about halfway through the second. lechuck's revenge is truly a flawless game. to clarify, we're playing the VGA/Floppy/DOS versions with the IBM-PC AdLib ost, the peak of comfiness, the perfect renditions of the games. i still haven't played the third game, something about the art style kinda throws me off, but i will once me and tom are done with the second game. from what i've seen of it so far, it takes place on mêlée island™ again, which also turns me off a bit from it since i liked the novelty of new islands and new adventures, instead of just rehashing everything. i hope that's not the case, but if it is

oh well

happy new year

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