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< 04/06/22 | 21:14 >

wow has it really been two months

i started going on about jojo here but it went on for too long so i turned it into a separate post here:

logs / i like jojo

other than that, i finally got around to finish morrowind. i call it one of my favorite games of all time and have been playing it pretty consistently for about a year now yet i only now finished the main quest. ok i don't wanna start writing another full length post about this too so i'll try to keep it short

  1. i liked it. i knew i was gonna like it since i half-knew what was gonna happen. morrowind, the nerevarine and the tribunal in particular are my favorite parts of the tes lore and i read on most of it, but i avoided certain parts as to not completely spoil it. i still liked it and liked how it was carried out. i particularly liked dialogue with vivec, after you accept wraithguard. if it wasnt already, this cemented his place as my favorite character in the tes lore
  2. i (proudly) chose telvanni
  3. i'm obviously not done with it. how could i be lol. theres still so much i want to do, including becoming king of morrowind
  4. i just thought of this but i think i'm gonna make a log where i document my various (rp) feats and achievements in the game, and update it as i go. sounds kinda fun

another thing i've done in these past two months was tell my friend about morrowind which resulted in him downloading it and finishing it in four (4) days, completely owning and ruining me

i dunno what else, i've been mostly working as i do. its been a busy past couple months. its all me now. i'm glad i finally finished this year of uni so i won't have to take care of that as well. right now i'm kinda "recovering" i guess? lol. i got so used to sitting down at my desk at 8 in the morning and getting up at 7 in the evening. i feel like i have so much more time on my hands now that i only have to take care of work that i don't know what to do. i have a list of changes i wanted to make to the website as well, and various other things i want to make, but i feel so tired. its like all these things i want to do are covered in a block of jelly that i have to slowly dig my way through. nevertheless, i know its just a matter of getting used to it i guess, ill start feeling like doing them when i actually sit down and start doing them. a few days of sitting around and walking aimlessly in between everything won't hurt either though. speaking of walking aimlessly

i want to go home. i miss the places and parks and stuff, and i miss going on my bike. maybe ill go back to swimming this summer as well. i'll fly in about a month, since i'll be moving to a new house soon and i want to finish doing that before leaving. i've been asked if i can work full time this summer and, while i said yeah sure, i dunno if i want to really. don't get me wrong, i really like what i work on, i just kinda wanna take a break and spend a day or two out riding around the city, i miss it

on another hand, what do you mean i'll have to willingly fly to a place that got to 34 degrees while i got used to this nice 19 degree weather with constant showers. and other various weights and matters on my mind and heart that i'll just have to deal with when i get to them. nothing new for nobody on earth

anyway, i'll figure it out. i feel like there were more things i wanted to say but i can't think of any right now. it's also much later than the timestamp says and i'm tired,

< 11/04/22 | 10:16 >

everybody shut the fuck up

ron gilbert is making another monkey island game

< 05/03/22 | 22:16 >

not having the hugest amount of fun

< 20/01/22 | 21:47 >

various responses ive enjoyed about my recent todd howard business

< 18/01/22 | 23:41 >

< 06/01/22 | 15:17 >

the amount of talk about wizards i do on this website is basically nonexistent. might have to do something about that soon

< 02/01/22 | 16:21 >

currently losing myself in the beautiy of the html ridge border

once again came up with a new (pretty cool) homepage

pretty cool to see the little changes. currently i think this website is the longest running personal website ive had. sure, the whole community surrounding neocities is great, but its not cos of that i think. most of the others just felt really forced. its nice to go back and edit old bits, make random misc changes, see old ways i did stuff in that i find really stupid now. this whole website is fairly important to me and its neat to see it grow little by little, , instead of forcing everything at once

on another note i got back into morrowind after a few months break due to having other shit to do. glad about that

happy new year. only 2422 yrs left til 4444

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