year in review, again

fuck it i can go the extra mile. i can get to number one listener effortlessly bro just watch me
last year

this year i used spotify way more than last so no disclaimer about spotify bad blah blah etc like last year. the radios are still an insanely cool and yet uncontested feature that makes it worth it


spotify wrapped 2022

wow that's a lot of minutes (i spent maybe 12 minutes thinking of a joke to make about the men of low moral fiber (tm) and if there is one out there, it just didn't come to me. alas, we continue)

i like to think that me dropping my external hdd and breaking it had nothing to do with this, and instead i just displayed a growth of character and stopped being so anal about using spotify and other stuff like this in general. maybe it's a mix of both


the official boys are still first but this year only 3490 minutes as opposed to last year's 5400+. it doesn't mention how many episodes i listened too but if from last year's stats an episode is about 75 mins on average, this year i listened to ~46

maybe a little too many, i don't really enjoy it as much. really i only like jackson and kaya out of the four of them

and the others? i just listen to them on and off at random times. depravityland is what last year was called god is dead, renamed for... whatever reason? i dunno. the shpodcast i listened to for like 3 or 4 episodes, and i can't recall anything they talked about lmao

if we're on the topic i might as well mention hello internet, which is a neat podcast by cgp grey and brady haran (the numberphile/computerphile guy). i've been listening to the old episodes on youtube, probably more than any on this list (save for the official pod and maybe dtr)

lets see, what else is there

some raw stats, which i haven't recorded last year. these are those little screens with a couple lines of text telling you how much you did of something, i don't wanna clog the page with the screenshots

wow i really, really have more than i expected on podcasts. i maybe ought to listen to less, i don't even enjoy them that much and most of the time they're just in the background

maybe i can dig out the old screenshots for last year since i'm really curious. i'll get back to you on that one

wake up babes new mbti dropped

ok in all honesty this is kinda cool. i don't fully agree with the newness aspect. from their blog detailing the mbti details, newness is defined as listening to music just as it comes out, as opposed to timelessness which is exploring old catalogues of music. are you telling me listening to almost exclusively radios and my own playlists made up of nearly completely random songs leans more towards newness than timelessness. NOT TO MENTION THE ETVU TYPE IS CALLED THE TIME TRAVELLER, WHICH IS SO MUCH COOLER THAN ADVENTURER. even the time traveller's description of "You seek out music that's new to you" fits like a glove... :sob:

the day has not yet come where i care this much about a spotify personality chart, moving on

now for the moment you've all been waiting for... did i do it? was my side quest successful? did i become inteus' number one?


not quite :pensive:

but, as i came to learn sometime in july/august, maybe listening to the same guy two hours a day every day isn't the funnest thing. like his music is good, i love his phonk and his new stuff is also nice (even if he's been moving away from phonk). but maybe not nice enough for multiple hours daily. so i kinda stopped listening to my grind playlist so much and only played his songs when i felt like it. granted, i didn't really feel like it anymore lol, a recovery period ensued, but eventually i did miss a couple of his songs and now i guess i'm back to normal. 7500 is such a round number

let's see what this means tho. as per last year, he had 65812 monthly liteners and i was in the top 0.05%, meaning in the top 30

currently he sits at 154,514 (what a nice number) monthly listeners and i was in the top 0.001%, placing me in the top 1.54? top two? so i suppose i did it?

fun fact, as i'm writing this section about him i've been listening to blue stone by him. despite him making up a big chunk of my top songs 2022 playlist this is the first time one of his songs came up since i started writing this.

gorillaz is an odd inclusion here since i don't recall listening to them almost at all, just a song here and there every now and then. everything else isn't that surprising at all. rozwell climbed his way to the top with NONE OF THIS IS REAL alone. well, almost, that and pineapple big mac too

sunshine of my life, by flockaboi is an interesting song to make the top 5. i was convinced the top 5 songs would be skewed by inteus, but turns out this crawled it's way to the top too somehow. the particularly odd thing is that i listen to this song almost only in the context of a microplaylist with two other songs, where the order and contexts are very specific and without which i don't find either of the songs as enjoyable (i still do, a lot, just not this much), but those two others haven't even made it to the top 101

the inteusless top 5 would've been:

  1. flockaboi - Sunshine of My Life
  2. DJ Smokey - Ridin' Thru (Red Eyez)
  3. Lola Marsh - Something Stupid
  4. aNTOJE - Your Money Sucks
  5. BACKWHEN - Kamikaze
  6. Dion - The Wonderer

i just couldn't leave the wonderer out. very weird top 5, even when you ignore that it's actually a top 6 and not a top 5, very weird. my brother in christ, YOU listened to the songs i know but none of them are songs i listened to consistently throughout the year, or songs i'd call favorites. for most of them i'd have bursts lasting a couple weeks at most in which i'd only listen to that one and only song on loop and nothing else. then maybe once or twice a month if they showed themselves back up somehow

eventually i'll write a little script to compare the 2022 top songs playlist with the 2021 one couse i'm really curious to see exactly what carried over from the last year, but i'll get back to you on that since right now i feel like i ran the topic into the ground

this was a pretty good year, not just a good spotify wrapped, but a good year from all points of view