year in review huh

documenting this for the archives,

first of all a disclaimer

i dont really use spotify much, and generally im against it. though there are a couple of reasons i use it still. im not gonna go into why now, but maybe another time

most of my music listening is from local files, then its between spotify and youtube. theres also this absolute legend to take into account

spotify wrapped 2021

hey despite like two whole p tags of text telling you i dont use spotify, 28k minutes isnt that little. but i think its fair considering its the only way i listen to music on my phone (so most of the time im outside, during showers and cooking, etc). other than synced offline songs, i dont keep songs on my phone. i dont even have an sd card in it bcos the slot for that is taken by a second sim. this log now also doubles as my official coming out as romanian. yay <3

moving on,

yeah what can i say, i like my official boys.

god is dead is also really good, been following it for a couple years now. as for lmtya, i listen to it either in bursts of 3 eps a day or a month without it at all. i feel like aleks' voice gets so exhausting after a while, then i stop and miss it and come back and its fine. its pretty cool

now onto the main course

not much to say lmao, mans just good

as im writing this he sits at 65812 monthly listeners, which would put me around the top thirty. not bad, but i can do better. hell i prolly even did if taking into account local songs and youtube

fuck it i can go the extra mile. i can get to number one listener effortlessly bro just watch me

anyway, finally

yeah it checks out

there are a couple interesting things tho

first off, slr being in my top 5 artists. its because of this one ep, the maintenance. its made by sensi and slr, and i found it because of sensi. i loved a couple songs that i discovered on youtube years ago, then only recently (about a year ago) did i think of looking him up on spotify. the only thing thats uploaded there are two songs and the maintenance ep. because the maintenance is so short (really its like 12 mins) and nice, i usually loop it a few times when i listen to it. slr's spotify on the other hand is fucking empty. nothing other than the maintenance. (well, turns out theres another slr profile on spotify, and the maintenance just linked a wrong one? idk what happened). because all songs in the maintenance are shown to have both slr and sensi as their artists, id assume sensi would make my top artists just for the fact that i listened to the other songs too. so youd assume the sensi streams count would be exactly the count of slr streams plus the streams for the other two songs. but no. they all went to slr, none to sensi, because in the songs artists slr is listed first. now we know how it works i guess

the other interesting funny thing to note is how tally hall made it to fifth place. sometime in either june or july i stumbled on marvins marvelous mechanical museum and i went fucking mental. for the entire month i listened to absolutely nothing else but mmmm on repeat. and i mean it, literally nothing else. id just go out on bike rides and loop that for a couple hours, then come home and play that again. rinse and repeat everyday for about a month. then i stopped suddently and went back to normal, only listening to mmmm songs randomly and very infrequently. its really funny to me how that one month was enough to put tally hall in the top five artists.

last thing on the agenda is bumping inteus again. heres a few of my favorite songs from him. ill probably also use this playlist to secure my place as his number 1 listener, though obviously just this wont be enough. truly a noble goal

yeah i linked mostly to spotify, but thats what the log is about. you can find anything on bandcamp, youtube, soundcloud, etc by yourself