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yeah its time i sat down and brushed up on godot again. painfully bad time considering a billion other things going on at one but its time alright

< 21/10/27 >

theme was announced today, its hide. which i guess yeah works for a halloween jam?? but man its ambiguous i had like no ideas off the top of my head. first thing i came up with was this pseudo 3d dungeon crawler (yeah) similar to dungeon master where youd have to find some hidden object. a more down to earth idea in line with the amount of time i actually have to put in would be something similar but top down grid based. think a blend of sokoban and baba is you

i also tried messing around in godot a little but man im still so unfamiliar with how things go around there. figuring it all out again is gonna be a struggle

< 29/10/21 >

yeah thats all fine and dandy but i still gotta make it fun somehow. or at least playable, just throwing you in a maze would be a little boring. i thought maybe theres something thats following you around the maze and you gotta outsmart it and hide when its close, but i really dont wanna be wasting time coding an ai for that. i guess ill make a grid based movement sys tomorrow and think of an idea along the way

< 30/10/21 | 00:46 >

what if it was a grid based binding of isaac clone

< 30/10/21 | 20:39 >

shit okay lets go its been a long day but im gonna start making something

first couple things im gonna make r a grid based movement sys and get a tilemap going, see where that gets me. then maybe some movable boxes and ill go from there. thinking instead of you being followed by something instead you have these sentries that rotate on every move and you gotta dodge them. the goal of finding something """""hidden"""" seems kind of an asspull so i guess its "reach a goal while hiding from the sentries"? ill think about it as i go

live updates

21:35 - set up a tilemap

21:46 - holy shit i just remembered how much i disliked godots collision

21:53 - man i miss brackeys, gdquest is cool and all but its no brackeys i wish unity didnt suck fucking ass

22:10 - hey guys watch this
▲ ▲
so epic

22:16 - ok forget collisions i dislike the display/viewport/camera stuff more

23:25 - currently being let down by positive squad the soundtrack vol 1

23:49 - sleeps startin to catch up with me as im trying to figure out how to cast an object caught by a raycast to the right type and not just to a generic Godot.Object :pensive:

00:13 - on a downward spiral rn i just learned asimovs robot series is actually considered part of the foundation series ????? i knew they happen in the same universe/worldbuilding kinda but no thats not enough to say theyre in the same continuous series

00:24 - just realised i dont actually need to cast the object i was just being stupid and dumb

00:36 - thinking of that time when i was in kindergarten and we were all hyped as fuck cos the ben 10 pilot episode was gonna air for the first time ever on tv but then they aired it in german for some reason and the next day we were all sad except this one mf who boasted abt his german speaking grandma who translated the whole ep for him. i tasted hatred for the first time that day. on another note im trying to make a moving box (kinda just like in sokoban) but collisions arent registering for some reason damn

00:39 - oh nvm u gotta specify u want the raycast to hit areas too

00:47 - i was gonna complain about the lack of tags in godot but the groups system thing they got going on is pretty neat actually

01:15 - should i make it so you can move multiple boxes at once i wonder. i guess its gonna add another layer of complexity to the puzzle aspect since the game is kinda leaning in that direction so its cool

01:46 - ok yeah ill call it a night. i made the guy able to move boxes its going good enough so far. i lost my productivity about an hour and a half ago anyway

tomorrow ill add the sentries (lose condition) and a success condition (thinking its just a tile you have to reach). i guess i gotta add some more interactive stuff to make it funner

my goal is to get a basic level done then finish up menus, camera follows, etc basically wrap it all up and only then populate it with levels

01:07 - wtf did the time just change up on me did i lose track of it or something

oh well

< 31/10/21 | 16:18 >

alright here we go again

last night i left off with a pretty alright base. ill get the basic sentries and win tiles in then try to wrap it all up in a finished game. then its just level design and additional content. should be alright

live updates

16:38 - thinkinf of adding coins that do literally nothing except its harder to get them and idk you feel cool for getting them

16:57 - just gave some chocolates to two trick or treaters first time in my life it was cool they were like 5 year olds alongside their mom, it was nice, ppl actually trick or treat here

16:59 - thinking about it do people ever trick instead of treating

19:16 - wow late update ive just been lazing around

im trying to figure out if theres a way to run a physics process step after everything else ran. i vaguely remember there being something like this, but i might also be confusing it with unity

23:49 - okay i took a little break. called home, cooked dinner, ate dinner, watched the office. then i lost track of time a bit wow its been five hours wtf. im just kinda bummed out a bit. i guess the only thing left to do tonite is figure out viewports/cameras/whatever and make emm, so i should finish up quick

00:06 - i found a pretty hacky sollution to my post-physics need. apparently the code of ever nodes runs in order from the bottom to the top in the hierarchy, so if i have a player at the very bottom of the hierarchy move in the way of the sentries raycast, then itll be picked up by it in the same frame (its move player first then check the raycast collision after). if i had the player on top, it checks for the raycast collision first then moves the player in front of it. or yknow what,,. maybe i should just,, check for the collision every frame instead of just on input, then all of this hierarchy hoping wouldnt be an issue lol. having things dependent on the hierarchy position doesnt seem reliable anyway

1:48 - messed around with colors and arranging stuff for a while, now i started making the main menu. cant wait to go to bed

2:29 - im usually proven wrong when i mention unity does something cooler, but this time im right, godots ui fucking sucks and i miss unitys simple styling

2:43 - okay the main menu looks okay, im not gonna plug the buttons in now, i just dont want to anymore, did enough today. tomorrow i only have to plug something to the buttons, draw like a few levels or so and then just polish around. make a move animation and stuff like this. looks really rough as it is, but it's alright

< 02/11/21 | 23:21 >

lets go lets goo last PUSH

23:42 - okay i took care of the menu buttons, obviously plugged the website, level design time now

oh actually i should get the rat to change you to the next level instead of just resetting the level

00:07 - ok nvm level design time now i spent the time til now being unnecessarily smart about loading the next level future proofing this game like its gonna have 60 expansions

00:27 - i do miss brackeys tutorials, idk why im so nostalgic about this now with empire ants playing

00:36 - level design must be so fun when you actually made a bunch of game pieces that all work and interact together and not just an ambiguous arrow and a box. also when its not midnight and arent in a hurry to go to bed

01:00 - why is exporting such a struggle

01:17 - i managed to export it though i cant change its name (it breaks if i do) so it still has the codename as its title. oh well


i did it bros its barebones its ass it barely is but it is.

theres only 3 simple levels (just enough to classify as a game right), rough ugly "movements", like zero variation in what you can do/you can interact with. pretty decent for like 8ish total hours of work, while having to refamiliarize myself with the engine too. not bad

outside of the time pressures, i did rly enjoy making it and i definitely want to keep doing stuff to it. ill make a proper jams entry with a comprehensive todo list tomorrow or someday soon. until then

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