80gb and yellow

this was originally an over reblogged thread i made on tumblr. since i often go back and scroll thru my blog i'm gonna delete the post and archive it here just couse i don't wanna have to scroll past 27 reblogs of the same post. i really color of the sky'd myself here by mistake didn't i

preamble: it was, i believe, the pc i we had around the house when i was born and it lasted until i was around 15. despite the Long timeframe this pc was around for, i had an incredibly bad habbit of deleting things i suddently didn't like anymore. this includes things i did actually like but didn't enjoy the fact that they were "alone". let me give an example: when i was 15 i used to draw a webcomic on tapastic and did maybe around 10 episodes before for some reason i stopped. later i think i deleted the comic because i was frustrated with the fact that it was sitting there alone and unfinished, no big episode collection, nothing coming out of it. ever since i was a kid i was extremely fixated on having neat, organized and big collections of things and would be incredibly frustrated if i had something i deemed incomplete. i guess i was too frustrated with the comic just sitting around with a mere 10 episodes going nowhere that i figured i'd be better off deleting it from everywhere

honestly the whole reason i mounted that old hdd was to look for any sort of trace of this webcomic. i didn't find any sadly

[i'll add further notes in square brackets]

found the HDD i had in the computer i used up until i was around 15, will be updating with my finds

figured id start on the desktop folder since thats where i kept most of my stuff

starting strong with this one

the following document also rests directly on the desktop

[i thought the illuminatY misspelling was kinda funny lol]

[thinking emote]

there is no further evidence. the following page is blank and the document ends

moving on

so far every computer i have ever used has had mugen on it, very happy to have found the original install and roster

the stages installed are:

core essentials only, truly a classic install

found a shortcut on the desktop which led here

forgot to mention mugen was in a folder called "backup" which was on the desktop. no clue why it was called "backup". the only other thing in the "backup" folder is dont starve with a few basic mods installed

furcadia installed

[furcadia installed]

going in to the "OtherThings" folder on the desktop, there's a few folders of interest but none quite catch your eye as "MLG Resources" does

in the folder "Redstone Contraptions"

in the folder "Desene" (romanian for drawings):

titled Masterpiece.bmp


titled Perat.bmp, a somewhat funny mispelling of pirat, romanian for pirate

i have no recollection of either of these

[somewhat surprised they lasted thru any of my purges]

note the "A" signature in the corner of Masterpiece.bmp, i really put my all into it

a Games folder with the following subfolders:

your guess is as good as mine

in OtherThings/Images/Photos

this photo i took at eecc 2015 actually goes kinda hard

also let the record show that the "Bulgaria" folder has a few photos i took at the beach then a one i took in the hotel room right before getting pulmonary pneumonia, good trip 👍

found an mtg set i made in magic set editor called Heroes of Virtualand

a few highlights:

this actually goes kinda hard, might adapt it in the set im currently making but make it cost less

i gave charizard banding and a 3 mana bolt im gonna be ill

ill go thru these quick but theres a card for the whole evo line

very peculiar choices. also need to point out none of them have flying

i had a bit of a weak grasp on the game, i admit

[i had a Very weak grasp on the game on account on all exposure i've had with magic at the time was the sole domination m13 precon deck and an m15 fat pack i got for my bday at some point lol. this and fan made cards with other vido game characters. you could even argue i had No grasp on the game since i all i based my game knowledge on was that little insert that came with the precon. ah the simple old days where i played with dad (once) with both of us drawing from the same deck and me chosing which of his creatures to attack with mine]

but by pure chance some of them were actually kinda cool [they were]

the nes controller set symbol kinda fucks to be honest

only screenshot from morrowind i have

its time we went into the "MLG Resources" folder friends

it's not actually that impressive

the "Finals" folder holds this lone image, titled "The Ultimate Life Being.jpg"

[dicking around in gimp brought me so much fun (it still does)]

lookin thru the homework folder now, found this story i wrote for the schools magazine

let the record show this is something i wrote by myself with no external influence when i was 14 it is entirely original content and my own copyright

oh boy every picture ive ever taken or saved on my phone got backed up on dropbox and synced on a folder in the compter, this is an entirely new rabbithole

going to end it here for tonite, looking thru the old phone pics. nothing else of note. i wished i could find some old webcomics i drew around that time but i had the worst habit of deleting stuff i made that i no longer liked. oh well