Scotch Eggs

with Mustard Mayonnaise

tommy might insist on fabergé eggs, but we think these scotch eggs at the bar of the garrison will cause far less trouble!

see this is lore accurate because why would tommy insist on something you can eat when he doesn't eat food

scotch eggs have become something of an icon for me. the perfect meal deal snack option, the perfect hot sauce vessel, and the perfect friend and late night confidant, the scotch egg has grown to be the epitome of british cuisine in my eyes. i see no better way to celebrate the new year than with some scotch eggs by my side

it turns out they're surprisingly easy to make, idk what i expected honestly

you boil some eggs, you squeeze some sausage meat out of the casing, and you wrap the eggs in the meat. and then that's kinda it

the book asks for 300g of sausages for 6 eggs, which will look like it's not enough but it actually is. we made 8 eggs with 400g and had enough for a pretty thick layer of meat. the pefect amount. after you made the meateggballs you need to roll them through flour, then through egg, and finally through breadcrumbs. then the book brings up a fucking deep-fat fryer and and oven which is so overkill. you're meant to preheat the oven to keep the eggs warm after you deep fry them but you really, really don't. we got a pan and put some oil in it, almost enough to submerge maybe half an egg in it, and fried them like that until they turned golden brown, and there you have it! peaky blinder scotch eggs that don't really have any sort of peaky blinderness factor to them at all!!

The egg is boiled to perfection tom

we boiled the eggs for 7 minutes instead of the 6 minutes in the book and we were right to do so because they came out just right

now we have some perfect, tom-approved scotch eggs, what do we do with them, eat? no, my dear readers. we don't eat, we dip

the dip is very simple, its 4 tablespoons mayo, one tablespoon english mustard, chopped chives and salt and pepper to taste. we instead did it like 1.5:1 mayo to mustard bcos mayo is gross, and we also used russian mustard instead of english bcos we didn't find any. still really good

it took us about two hours to do everything, including prepping everything like squeezing the sausages out and peeling the eggs, as opposed to the book saying it'll take one hour

all in all the eggs are great. maybe they were held back a little by the sausage we bought, it wasn't the greatest but it was still very good. and for the rating, is this something i'll try to make again? yeah, definitely. is this something tommy shelby would like? no, tommy doesn't eat food