English Summer Salad

asparagus season really comes in full swing in june, making this the perfect light lunch to enjoy from your box at the epsom derby

idk about that must be july cos we didnt find any asparagus

despite that tho, this salad was really good. its boiled new potatoes, eggs, green beans, podded broad beans (which we forgot about), watercress, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, and other little things you'd expect a salad to have. personally i think it's great for the dressing. that's made with 3 egg yolks, malt vinegar, sugar, mustard, oil and heavy cream. it's the first time i made a dressing that needed to emulsify and thicken, and it came out really good

there isn't really much to say (i mean it's a salad), but overall it's really refreshing on a hot summer day, especially if you leave the dressing in the fridge a bit before making it

now, onto the rating. since this is the first time i write about something in this book, i'll explain my rating system. the whole rating is based on the question "is this dish this something tommy shelby would eat?" and no, it's not. tommy doesnt eat food