The Official Peaky Blinders Cookbook

they made a quiz book, a monopoly flavor and a licensed video game, you really didn't expect them to make a cookbook based on the show in which the main character is never once shown eating?

the cookbook is pretty okay. it's split into 5 big themed sections like "family table at watery lane" or "dinner at eden club", but the table of contents only lists these sections and not the recipes themselves, so we're gonna have to take that "50 recipes" tagline in good faith because i'm not counting them one by one

there's no author listed on the book itself, and if you look it up you can only find rob morris who's a food stylist


there's a total of 50 recipes in this cookbook, of which i've made 2

[▓█------------------------------------------------] : 4%

Chapter 2: At the Bar of the Garrison

Scotch Eggs with Mustard Mayonnaise 31/12/22

Chapter 3: Lunch at the Derby

English Summer Salad 09/07/22

note: the date is the date ive made the recipes on not the date i wrote about them