Twix Winter Spice

well bros, its nearly the end of september, you know what this means

its time for christmas, thats what it means! and how better should we celebrate than with christmas variations of our favorite snacks

as soon as you open a pack the twix gives off the christmassy smell that everything christmassy has. its like a mix of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, not strong enough to actually feel real yet not faint enough that you dont feel it. as far as im aware the only thing changed from the original twix is the biscuit, which is a somewhat darker shade of brown, similar to gingerbread i guess

as for taste, yeah its good. its christmas spice like what did u expect you can probably put it on shit and itll make it good. my issue going in was mostly whether you could feel it or not, but you definitely can. its not like usual things where the flavor is actually more of a faint memory of it rather than, you know, real flavor you can feel.

final rating - [░░░░▒▒▒▒▓▓▓▓█████---] : 17/20

don't get me wrong its not such a big difference. theyre still just twix bar at their core. but that extra kick from the christmas spice goes so hard for me. not to mention i paid like 1.20 pounds for a pack of 5 thats insane

i also wanted to mention that every package (both for the individual bars and the big one holding all 5 of em) mention that theyre suitable for vegetarians, as if someones gonna look at the twix and go like "damn but did they have meat in them". thought that was a little funny