Karaage Pringles

i was fortunate enough to randomly find these at a con i was at last week. i ate them back then, but i still took down some notes to make it easier to write the review later, so the review should still be fairly accurate to how i was feeling then.

the packaging itself is amazing. ignoring the cool design of the top, the proportions of the can are simply really appealing to me. growing up we either had the usual tall cans, or the little, grab & go sized cans. eventually the little ones disappeared as well and we were left with just the plain old talls. this however really appeals to me for some reason, the aspect ratio is great and honestly, im not so sure i wouldve bought them had they been in the usual tall can.

the pringles themselves are smaller but thicker than usual. you can clearly see the coating of flavor dust on them (maybe not so clearly in the pic). the smell is intense and good, smells almost like homemade fried chicken batter. its a little sweet, but mostly smoked and peppery.

the taste is nearly identical to fried chicken as well. if you were to somehow isolate the flavor from the actual potato chip itself, you could be easily fooled into thinking its home made fried chicken. their smaller size and texture really makes it feel like youre chewing on crispy fried chicken batter. every aspect of them points you into clearly thinking fried chicken, which is insane considering how far off some flavored snacks usually are to what theyre supposed to be.

final rating - [░░░░▒▒▒▒▓▓▓▓█████---] : 17(.4)/20

definitely my favorite pringles so far. maybe im desensitised to the usual flavors, but this one was clearly there. they were kind of expensive, like 4ish pounds (less) for a somewhat small box, but if i find them again id prolly get them again.