Shitty CinemaCity Nachos

went to the cinema today for the first time in like two years,, yep time to indulge in my preferred stockholm syndrome food: the shitty nachos that i missed oh so much

and holy shit?? they were insane. absolutely mental. maybe its my excitement for them but they were not just good but ??? dude i am ecstatic

i paid around 4 pounds for the large, which comes in a bigger tray and two sauces. your only sauce options are cheese and salsa. pretty standard, i got one of each. first thing to note, thats a generous serving of nachos. usually youd get much less, this is a lot. so much so theres a bunch that fell in the sauces,

the nachos themselves are really good. much better than i remember. you could tell theres a flavor powder on them, like the ones youd buy bagged. im pretty sure they switched their nacho supplier, these remind me a lot of the cheese flavored chio nahco chips. the way i remembered them was stale, flavorless and hard. it used to be an issue when you ran out of sauce couse the nachos were just ass by themselves, but now? theyre solid by themselves, and i didnt even get to the sauces yet

lets go into the salsa first. its not the best tbh, standard store bought salsa. to be honest it was somewhat spicier than it usually was. the one thing it had going for it is it had the brightest most intense red color ive ever seen in food

the cheese was the actual star of the show tho. holy shit the cheese ive never had melted cheese like that ever. it was creamy, flavorful, a little warm too. insane, idfk where they get it from but its the best ive ever had

final rating - [░░░░▒▒▒▒▓▓▓▓█████---] : 17.<3/20

. what a fucking comeback the shitty cinema nachos made tonight. clearly they missed me as much as i missed them. and 4 bones for a large?? mental.

didnt even mention how filling they are. all i had to eat today were two bagels in the morning, and later a portion of these nachos, and i feel filled up. holy shit cinemacity nachos lets go