Chupa Chups Sparkling Strawberry Cream Soda

in the past ive had another flavor of this chupa chups juice, but it didnt leave any sort of impression on me as i dont really remember which one or how it was. hope this one leaves a bigger (or at least notable) impression. the can itself looks cool as shit, only thing that kinda throws me off is seeing the chupa chups logo on it. but its the juice not the can that counts though :pensive:

it certainly doesnt look like youd expect, but i guess it makes sense because of the cream part of the flavoring. certainly gets extra points for not just making it the easy clear pink, but on the other hand it looks like a shitty pinkish off white, so it balances out.

the smell is very neutral yet somehow refreshing, almost as if it smells cold (? you get it). you can also tell its definitely very sweet from the smell alone, but not much hints towards any sort of strawberry, or even fruity flavor. it does remind me of the chupa chups candy though.

as for the taste, its okay? its definitely very sweet, yet not overwhelmingly so. you can actually taste strawberry although very faintly. i feel like its mostly because im looking at the strawberries on the can and im imagining the taste. the fizziness kinda covers both the sweetness and whatever flavor there is to begin with.

overall? i dont dislike it,?,,?, but its not really good either. its really too sweet for my taste, almost as if you drank fizzy water with like a bag of sugar in it, after having had strawberries 20 minutes ago. kinda cool that its made in south korea i guess? lmao im trying to find good parts.

final rating - [░▒▒▓▓██-------------] : 7/20

i wouldnt buy this again if given the chance, but i guess i wont complain much if i was somehow coerced into drinking more of it. at least within some bounds and limits