Calpis Soda

haha it sounds like piss

lighting round since im not up to it

final rating - [░░▒▒▒▓▓▓███---------] : 10.9/20

its ok its very neutral only leaves a weird but somewhat enjoyable after taste. if you were to air it out (??? is this the term?) so it doesnt have any fizz anymore it'd taste like what i imagine powdered milk tastes like. not really worth it considering the price, it was like 3 pounds for a can of 500ml, but i can see myself randomly getting a very very very specific craving for this sometime months, even years into the future

their site looks kinda cool. i looked em up and apparently the main version of this is uncarbonated, and supposedly tastes like light yoghurt. i much much more prefer uncarbonated drinks over fizzy so ill be on the lookout for a bottle. wiki page. i even discovered some recipes to make my own calpis, so i might fuck around once i get back to having my own kitchen.

also, shoutout to whoever maintains/handles the obviously not really used/cared for international version of the calpis website

i feel you buddy