Batchelors Pasta 'n' Sauce:

Chicken & Mushroom Flavor

ah yes, batchelors pasta n sauce, a staple in the british pantry (is it really? idk ive only been here two years). how weve exchanged weary looks between eachother in sainsburys and icelands. how ive went around your aisle like avoiding an old lover who never was. oh what turmoil youve caused me

but im quarantining right now and my food options are somewhat limited, so why not live a little

where do i even begin, they smell great out of the pack thats for sure, but then you start cooking and they dont go above "eh thats alright". and honestly for like 70p a pack i didnt expect them to. it took longer to cook than the 5 minutes written on the back, more like 15.

and then you pour them in a bowl and they actually look pretty okay. like theyve got the looks for sure, the sauce kinda brings everything together, theyve got some green dots going on too, real gourmet stuff you know what i mean

but as for actual taste idk theyre kinda bland?? im writing this a day later and i cant even recall what they tasted like at all (though the smell of the raw sauce powder stuck with me that stuff smelled real good). theyre ok and i think thats what they go for

theyd actually be good to great even if you used them as a base and added stuff of your own. i added pepper, thyme and some spring onion. some ham wouldve gone a long way

final rating - [░▒▓▓██--------------] : 5.999/20

i dont know how much you can tell but i was so disappointed by them for some reason, downright sad even. batchelors pasta n sauce chicken & mushroom flavor got me wailing at the stove. i also accidentally threw the receipt and i cant enter the contest on the pack now

i guess this is my cue to buy another