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< 13/07/2021 | 15:17 >

i finally get to use my github for actual real work not just shitposting dumb discord bots and the likes. just hope theyll be safely ignored :)

on the other hand im home and its a 20 degree (C ) temperature jump to what i was used to. its cool tho, i went out with my bike today

its nice

< 25/06/2021 | 14:49 >

okay doing much better covid wise, gonna start working regularly on this again.
on another note, i started getting insanely into wakfu again. started playing it again with a friend of mine, but this time i'm actually doing pretty good, 15 year old me would lose his mind. also rewatched the show and caught up with season 3 and the ovas, which i've never seen before. i have trouble explaining the feeling i got watching the third ssn but it's so nice, kinda like nostalgia but way better. wakfu always meant a lot to me and going back into it this deep is such a fun time for me. idk really where i'm going with this i'm just really excited honestly

< 19/06/2021 | 14:33 >

this covid shit rly gets to me

< 15/06/2021 | 22:09 >

you have no idea how hard it is to take pictures of glass.

< 05/06/2021 | 23:56 >

once again there's times of mass confusion. ive been toying with the idea of picking up gamedev again for a while now, and there's no better time for it than now. my uni is done, and my current housing contract doesn't run out for about one more month. no time like the eternity of the present huh? i'll close my eyes for one moment and the moment's gone, so maybe i should pull out google docs more often. one paragraph a night maybe?

yeah, that sounds nice

< 30/05/2021 | 11:56 >

playing wakfu again feels so nice if i close my eyes hard enough its almost as if its 2015 again

on another note ive been browsing through the first rendition of this(?) website. its a local copy only, not hosted anywhere but im really thinking about stuff i used to write there,, maybe i should try again. i keep saying i will once all the core stuff/pages i indexed but didnt actually make yet are done. itd be such a shame to leave the logs empty alas i wonder if dumping in the same manner as before would fit me now. at least a little bit of it lives on through the bottomless cheese holes title, a nice homage
heavy thoughts for this morning good thing i had a decent breakfast :)

< 25/05/2021 | 16:06 >

< 23/05/2021 | 13:38 > - sup

banger first entry

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