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Crapaud à Moustache
Wakfu TCG, ASTRUB 1/162 (en)

one of the few wakfu tcg cards in english left online

as it happens with transmedia franchises, there's going to be a tcg at some point. as per the rule, ankama made the wakfu tcg. i can't find an exact conception date, but on 12th december 2011 it was discontinued seven sets and 1450 cards

it looks like it was somewhat popular in its time, with some lgses in france holding regular events and even championships. but today there's not much left of it. there's

the wiki page

which doesn't tell you much but leads to

the 1d4chan wiki page

which is the more interesting resource out there. the wakfu tcg picked up some steam on /tg/ until a whole translation project spawned on plus4chan and, with ankama's own blessing, a lackeytcg plugin. the /coc/ thread is still archived here

wakfu tcg translation project thread on /coc/

it's all gone now isn't it. the lackey plugin they made is only up on the internet archive and most of the subplugins are completely unavailable. i can't seem to find the cards they translated either, they were all gathered on wakfupedia, which, consistently, is also down and only available on the web archive in a broken and unusable state. the only thing you can see anymore is what it could've been used to be

granted, there is some shred of hope still. you can still find some sealed product sold second hand online, though mostly in france. i tried buying a box with two precons and a cd (of course) but the store wouldn't ship to neither romania nor the uk. i also found a thread on the wakfu forum with links to pdfs with card scans from the astrub set. i think maybe with some correctly placed emails and a bit of luck we can put something together again. wakfu is incredibly near and dear to my heart and i'd love to get involved with this

also, seth, who seemed to be the project lead on the translation project is still active on /coc/ in the wakfu fansubs threads nevermind i just saw the date on the thread. oof

hmm, or maybe i should bite the bullet and properly learn french once and for all

i don't get this one