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Christmas Jubilant, 4 May 2021

i am very happy to report is still enjoying the same quality of unbound creativity and joy as it did back when i used to abuse it back in 2013

11/20. let's see what else the site had to offer

Stomedy Lv. X, 4 June 2016

ah yes, stomedy. dear ol' stomedy. there's no nostalgia quite like pyro's old videos there is, i'm lying for effect. last i checked stomedy was quite a big name in the giantess she-hulk transformations fetish videos community


moving on, there's more gifts in the deckbox under the tree!

M SSGSS3 Gogeta EX, 7 November 2019

looping back in time with a somewhat recent one, this card perfectly sums up my years of highschool. if you ever wondered what it was like being my friend around then or reading anything i wrote in that timeframe, wonder no more. this is it


red angry bird LV.13, 5 October 2011

what a classic! truly speechless. i think this sums what this website was about perfectly. if the card's url is anything to go by, there are at least 43 other red angry birds out there. good!


narutos lost family, 16 November 2013

oof. bit of a downer this one. you're telling me i die if i lose a coinflip? personally i'd never play this card`

-- signed: person who googles "coin toss" first thing in the morning and lands tails 17 out of 22 flips

i like this card. i think the flavour text at the bottom really ties it all together


Feel, 26 November 2013

i can empathize with this one, but why does it evolve from steve


Your Argument Is Invalid, 5 January 2014

i think this one speaks for itself, doesn't it? big congratulations to TheEpicKyurem for hitting the mark with this one


thunder LV.100, 16 November 2013

and finally, the closest i could find to something i used to make on this website back in the day. thunder

you may think this card is weak and badly costed, but don't forget that while fire ball may only put only one damage counter on the opposing pokemon, the lit match you may legally use to set the card on fire is irrecoverable from


merry christmas dear reader!