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Chun-Li, Countless Kicks
Zethi, Archane Blademaster
MtG, SLD, #432

i never really minded universes beyond cards. honestly don't remember my first thoughts when the stranger things/walking dead cards were coming out which probably means i was quite neutral on them. i get the hate on there being mechanically unique cards locked behind secret lair prices/exclusivity but there's a system in place to avoid that

i'm against all the general hate and whining about universes beyond. if d&d can be treated as a system and extended over other IPs, i don't see why magic can't. in fact, i believe magic's incredibly vast and modular template makes it a perfect "general" system. the well developed color pie is such an elegant system allowing you to model just about anything with. i don't expect it to be licensed anytime soon (or ever, really), but full sets (like the lord of the rings, or final fantasy one) and even just the commander decks (like dr. who or fallout ones) are an amazing addition to the game. however many people were already making their own custom sets with other IPs? officializing it is just tapping into and making beautiful use of the deep potential the mtg system and its vast design space has

chun-li is one of my favourite universes beyond cards. the mechanic is very interesting, allowing you build yourself a little toolbox of cantrips and spells to use and reuse. so far she's the only secret lair/ub card in my commanders lineup but her deck is incredibly fun to both build and play. finally making good use of dovescape

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