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Reksio, Brave Dog
custom MtG, TLE

Kretes, Outerworld Commander
custom MtG, TLE

two custom cards i made of the protagonists from the reksio games, about which talked a little here. i'm actually really proud of these designs. it only makes sense they're adventure themed, since the whole fame is centered around being adventurers. reksio's azorious spellcasting reduction is based on his proficiency in magic after having become a grand wizard at the end of the third game. kretes' white plainswalk is because he's a mole lol. i like the idea of reksio casting adventures and kretes retrieving them back. vigilance and menace are purely for flavour reasons (dude's a menace alright)

i like the idea of four-color commander identities but four colors cards are notoriously difficult to design, primarily because the 4c combos don't really have an identity of their own, instead representing the lack of an identity. all of our current 4c commanders show this pretty well,,,,...,,.. and kinda suck. i do like atraxa though, her abilities fit, all others just seem like a generic bag of stuff, or actually like a checklist. you can see the same problem even worse in the nephilims, the original 4 color creatures. reading the card without knowing it's color identity beforehand, you would not be able to figure out what colors they are

i'm also not a fan of generic partners either, they just seem like mechanics before flavour or cohesiveness. specific partners however, those i really like. by specific partners i mean the "partner with" keyword. i think they're great flavour-wise and mechanics-wise. very cohesive and well put together, and i think the best design space for 4c identity commanders are in specific partners. this way each card can have its own specific identity fitting with the color pie and its lore but still get an overall 4c identity for your deck. i think these reksio and kretes cards achieve this pretty well

i haven't built a deck around them yet but i will come back with an update and a list once i do

i made these with the help of my girlfriend while on the train to the beach this summer. since then i keep playing around with desiging the inventor rooster too but i can't quite get it down right. my idea for him essentially brings the arena only spellbook draft mechanic in paper which demands quite a lot of rules tweaking lol, will probably try to get it down before this advent ends