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Dragonmaid Changeover
Yu-Gi-Oh, MAMA-EN088

the only time i really ever played ygo was for about a few months on master duel, and the only deck i really played was dragonmaids. dragonmaid changeover acts as a fusion spell using dragonmaids from either your hand or the field which was pretty great. i'm reasonably sure there was no downside to the card since you wanted a bunch of maids in your grave anyway, and it'd usually bring out dragonmaid sheou which was your deck's bossmonster. heads up any pro ygo players reading this, i never played some optimised list, only what i could build from getting all three of the dragonmaids structure decks and crafting a playset of ashes and some other handtraps. i know the usual meta dragonmaids decks had a side deck full of other dragons but eh, never stuck around enough to get there. anyway, sheou reanimated other maids from your grave but above all else was an omninegate, meaning it would counter any card or effect activation once. when you did this yeah you had to return sheou to your extra deck. fair trade right? your boss monster in exchange for such a powerful counter? well, when you did that sheou also brings out house dragonmaid for free, who also reanimates maids and, when any maids bounce back to your hand (which was the whole gimmick of the deck) you get to destroy an opponent's monster

ygo is nuts man. i can't tell if i just don't have a good frame of reference and this is actually a mid effect but damn that's, uhm, that's quite a lot

i haven't played in about a year now and i don't really have any intention to come back. i like ygo, i think the cards are fun and effects wacky and cool and they look rly cool but holy shit if you sit down at a table it is so overwhelming. i'll enjoy it from a safe distance for now

ok, issue, i'm flying home in about some hours now and the box for this year's cheese calendar is ridiculously big and wont fit in my baggage. i think i'll,,, break the sanctity of the calendar, open all doors now and take photos of them in advance, then bring just the individual cheeses and continue updating the calendar regularly