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the Submachine

a series of these great flash games. they're point and click escape room type flash games. i really don't wanna spoil anything and i think it's better if you go in blind and slowly discover everything this series has to offer. there's a really good storyline in them with amazing lore and really fun and interesting world building

there's ten mainline games and a few side games. the best play order is this:

1 > 2 > 3 > zero > 4 > future loop foundation > 5 > 6 > 32 chambers > 7 > 8 > 9 > 10

theres also submachine: universe (previously known as the subnet exploration project), another side game which is kinda like a free roam "open world" of every location shown in the series. or so does tom describe it to me, i haven't yet played it

i think they're really great. they're flash games which means you can't find them online anymore, but they're backed up in bluemaxima's flashpoint. i talked a bit about what that is in day 6 of last year's advent calendar. there's also a remaster of all the games packed into one game to be released on steam eventually

website submachine legacy on steam

bluemaxima's flashpoint

i mean come on you know it's good when the wiki has a whole section of it dedicated to theories about it

anyway, the cheesevent

the first cheese repeat. i though they'd show off every cheese at first before they start randomizing them but i guess not. i know they're not done because i accidentally spoiled myself with one of the kinds of cheese inside. i tried my best to not look at them all on the cover of calendar but i saw a tasty sounding one the other day. oh well, red leicester again

the pun was also actually kinda good

alright day today