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Crazy Taxi

i first played crazy when i was in kindergarten. for a while, cds with pc games used to be packaged into nestle cereal bags, including crazy taxi. i have great memories with it. the soundtrack is amazing and the game is still tons of fun. the nestle version lacks a couple game modes, the version linked underneath has them and also retains the soundtrack

i also linked a neat little strategy guide i found. i love browsing these kinda additional materials for games, like guides or manuals. unfortunately i couldn't find a nice scan of the manual, but there are a few grayscale ones out there

crazy taxi strategy guide

both links lead to

and today's cheesevent,

kinda funny a little lol

though i do miss the cheese puns. guess you never know what you had until it's gone :pensive:

the cheese is pretty great too, better than yesterday's leicester, better even than the cheddar we had two days ago