you found..


new ankama game set 12 years after the wakfu anime, which is a time we've seen the krozmoz in. the game is still in active development. i believe the english public alpha just opened up to everyone a couple days ago

it's pretty fun, it's like dofus/wakfu's combat combined with wizard101's decking system. i also really like how they show off the classes. instead of making your own character as part of a class, you choose a class and then one of four characters belonging in the chosen class. it's very interesting to see the characters and how the classes adapted over time as the world of twelve flooded. i remember seeing smth about the worldbuilding/lore of waven a year or so ago on the wakfu website which offered some exposition but i can't really find it anymore

either way, it's fun, and whenever i hear the piwi sounds (made by yakis in waven) it's like some sleeper code in me turns on and compels me to drop everything and long for it


really swissed it up today