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the tale of the best magic game i've ever (just) played

continuing on the mtg theme, earlier today i played the best game i probably ever will and i have to document it somewhere

it started as a four player game. i played my intrepid deck which i made myself a while back, first deck i've properly brewed. it's a voltrony orzhov exalted deck, point is you want to build a little exalted army and attack with only a creature at a time. anyway

we're playing 60 card constructed casual

i have a slow start. i do good topdeck-wise but i don't want to attract the attention of my three opponents. i fall into this contract i made with tom which states that he (mono green elf tribal) can't attack me until i've had at least three creatures under my control because i prevent 10 damage going his way. time passes. i struggle to keep under the three creature restriction, because my other opponents are already tough to deal with. for the longest time everything that's on my board is an elspeth, knight errant and a sublime archangel with usually a 1/1 W solider from elspeth or the ocasional aven squire or knight of glory/infamy to chump block with. the situation is dire. more time passes

eventually, kelly dies. i'm starting to build a bit of a board now that i only have one opponent to deal with. me and sam come to an agreement to finish tom off, and face against eachother evenly. once the pact is made and the contract is in place i cast a silent arbiter, getting to three creatures on my battlefield, and then i cast another. i swing at tom with the sublime archangel, a bunch of exalted triggers, an angelic exaltation and a sigil of valor bring the angel to something over 10 power in the air. he can't block fliers, he's dead.

me and sam allow eachother a gentleman's mull, both passing a turn without doing anything in order to refresh the battlefield. we flip a coin to see who would attack the other first. he pilots a mono red dragon tribal deck and has about 6 of them in play

it's no match for my battlegrace angel. my second angelic exaltations in conjuction with a wall of reverence let me heal for about 50 every turn. he keeps pumping out dragons. i ultimate elspeth and make my entire board indestructible. he should've lost hope by now but he's still pumping out dragons! at this point he's in for the ride, and we're both strapping on. i keep growing my board. a third angelic exaltation, a second sublime archangel making most of my creatures have three instances of exalted each, more exalts. in the end my battlegrace angel grows to a proud 89/89, healing me for 178 per turn

i let his dragon mage go through a few times, for fun's sake. i did have to discard my fourth cathedral of war which was a shame, having the whole playset of them in play would've been pretty cool, but alas

i'm searching for nefarox, the overlord of my deck. having him lead my army of exalts and deal the final blow would be the ultimate flavor win

he mills out

intrepid decklist

this joke was silly lol i liked it and well yes i admit it,

the apple, sange and onion cheddar wins over vintage applewood

the crown has been taken