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turing complete magic

a classic in the list of things that feel like shouldn't be turing complete but once you think about it once it makes you say "huh sure aight". this time, magic the gathering, one of my favorite games ever

a paper about a tournament legal deck which can be set up into a turing machine, and a video from because science explaining it

paper on arxiv

glad to see stilton (r) cheese is getting its proper respect with the registered trademark mark appended to the joke. i wonder if geronimo stilton is getting the same treatment :?

also this might be really controversial bu i think i like the cheddar with apple, sage and onion more than the applewoods

  1. cheddar
  2. red leicester
  3. double gloucester
  4. aged red leicester
  5. vintage cheddar
  6. mexicana
  7. applewood
  8. vintage applewood
  9. cheddar with apple, sage & onion