you found..

turing complete minesweeper and my cheese calendar

one more entry in my list of "oh thats turing complete too, sure"

theres a cool paper and a webpage about it, it's pretty interesting

paper webpage

but also my cheese calendar!

i had this for a while now, been really looking forward to it

it sure is buddy

alright, let's see here, day one


there's riddles

i'm gonna be honest marina i don't get it. i get that it's not supposed to be literal but... it doesn't sound like anything? fromage frais means cream cheese and... yeah i mean i guess you can't make clothes out of that?? am i just not getting it

the cheese itself is so good tho. never had applewood before. it's smoky and flavorful and soft and just so so good

it also gets bonus points bcos their website looks cool. it also has a recipe section. i'd love to try some (hint hint (because i am known for cooking and writing blogs about it consistently and uninterruptedly))

(kind of) turns out i just didn't know of the word fray

thanks tom

solid start with the cheesevent