you found..

a merry christmas!

yup, you can have it

a merry christmas

and a happy holiday

all yours


...and beneath the tree was...

still looking for your gift huh


okay then, i guess this really is about receiving instead of giving huh, you just Have to get something

here you go again, after 24 gifts you just have to get another


did you know advent calendars dont even usually go up to the 25th? yeah thats right, its your parents problem now not mine


fine, youre right, cant go without a gift for christmas. what was i thinking, the world would stop spinning!

here you go, a hack for the ultimate definitive pokemon game

drayano's pokemon blaze black 2 and volt white 2. talked about this before a lil but i consider b2w2 to be the peak of mainline pokemon. bb2vw2 takes that and skyrockets it, removing the usual bullshit limitations (i.e. whats a pokemon game good for if you cant even catch them all, bb2vw2 has all 649 mons up to that point available to catch somewhere) and giving it some actual difficulty so its actually a little challenging. its just really good. literally the best mainline pokemon experience youre ever gonna have*

pokemon blaze black 2 and volt white 2's thread on projectpokemon

what a gift huh?? bet you didnt see that coming, the magic of getting a new pokemon game for your ds on christmas! alsmot as if we were kids again. silly you, thinking i didnt get you anything

go off now, enjoy your silly little present on your silly little holiday. what are you loitering around here for anyway? oh what, this block-of-text-looking-like thing? no thats nothing! just the janitor's locker that mustve gotten loose. has nobody ever told you its rude to go around snooping in other peoples advent calendars?

fine, go ahead and read then, why should i care, you probably already junped over there already with the conveniently placed asterix. oh the things i do for you...


well, theres another coming up. blaze black 2 and volt white 2 Redux. yeah

its basically bb2vw2 but more polished, few more QoL features and fairy type. theres two reasons i didnt mention this

  1. it doesnt run on real hardware. meaning you cant play it on a flashcart or through twilightmenu. sure its gonna be fine on emulators, but the magic of playing it on an ds is gone. cant play it on long bus rides, or laying under the sheets, or during classes. sure it will probly be a better game with more content and not as limited by whatever the gen v modding scene offered back in 2012, and playing it on desmume is completely fine (i have friends who play on emulators i swear), but idk im used to the ds and the experience isnt the same for me
  2. its not out yet lol

if you were going to play on an emu anyway and are ok with waiting then by all means go ahead, ill be chilling on the toilet with my 2012 hack

heres its reddit thread to follow if youre interested

bb2vw2 redux's formal announcement thread

also note that its not dray's project. as far as im aware drayano is only helping around, but mainly its AphexCubed's project